1. Packera aurea
  2. Paeonia officinalis
  3. Paliurus spina-christi
  4. Panax quinquefolium
  5. Panax quinquefolius
  6. Pancratium illyricum
  7. Pancratium maritimum
  8. Pancratium zeylanicum
  9. Panicum capillare
  10. Panicum italicum
  11. Panicum miliaceum

12.Panicum virgatum

13.Papaver alpinum

14.Papaver argemone

  1. Papaver dubium

16.Papaver nudicaule

  1. Papaver orientale

18.Papaver rhoeas

19.Papaver somniferum

  1. Papaya

21.Paper mulberry

  1. Parasenecio hastatus
  2. Parietaria officinalis
  3. Paris quadrifolia
  4. Parkinsonia aculeata
  5. Parnassia palustris
  6. Parsnip
  7. Parthenium hysterophorus
  8. Parthenium integrifolium
  9. Parthenocissus quinquefolia

31.Passiflora caerulea

  1. Passiflora capsularis
  2. Passiflora foetida
  3. Passiflora incarnata
  4. Passiflora laurifolia
  5. Passiflora lutea
  6. Passiflora maliformis
  7. Passiflora murucuja
  8. Passiflora rubra
  9. Passiflora suberosa

41.Pastinaca sativa

  1. Paullinia pinnata
  2. Pavetta indica
  3. Pea
  4. Peanut
  5. Pedicularis sceptrum-carolinum
  6. Pedicularis verticillata
  7. Peganum harmala
  8. Peltandra virginica
  9. Pennisetum alopecuroides
  10. Peppermint
  11. Periploca graeca
  12. Persicaria amphibia
  13. Persicaria bistorta
  14. Persicaria hydropiper
  15. Persicaria lapathifolia
  16. Persicaria maculosa
  17. Persicaria sagittata
  18. Persicaria virginiana
  19. Petasites hybridus

61.Petiveria alliacea

  1. Petromarula pinnata
  2. Peucedanum officinale
  3. Peucedanum ostruthium
  4. Phacelia dubia
  5. Phaeoceros laevis
  6. Phalaenopsis amabilis
  7. Phalaris arundinacea
  8. Phalaris canariensis
  9. Phanera variegata
  10. Phaseolus coccineus
  11. Phaseolus lunatus
  12. Phaseolus radiatus
  13. Phaseolus vulgaris
  14. Philadelphus coronarius
  15. Phlebodium aureum
  16. Phleum alpinum
  17. Phleum pratense
  18. Phlomis fruticosa
  19. Phlox divaricata

81.Phlox paniculata

  1. Phlox pilosa
  2. Phlox subulata
  3. Phoenix dactylifera
  4. Phryma leptostachya
  5. Phyllanthus acidus
  6. Phyllanthus emblica
  7. Phyllanthus niruri
  8. Phyllanthus urinaria
  9. Phyllodoce caerulea

91.Physalis alkekengi

  1. Physalis angulata
  2. Physalis minima
  3. Physalis pubescens
  4. Physalis viscosa
  5. Phyteuma spicatum
  6. Phytolacca americana
  7. Picea abies
  8. Picris hieracioides
  9. Pilosella aurantiaca
  10. Pilularia globulifera
  11. Pimpinella anisum
  12. Pimpinella saxifraga
  13. Pinguicula alpina
  14. Pinguicula lusitanica
  15. Pinguicula vulgaris
  16. Pinus cembra
  17. Pinus pinea
  18. Pinus strobus
  19. Pinus sylvestris
  20. Pinus taeda
  21. Piper aduncum
  22. Piper betle
  23. Piper longum
  24. Piper nigrum
  25. Pistachio
  26. Pistacia lentiscus
  27. Pistacia terebinthus
  28. Pistacia vera
  29. Pistia stratiotes
  30. Pisum sativum
  31. Plantago asiatica
  32. Plantago coronopus
  33. Plantago cretica
  34. Plantago lanceolata
  35. Plantago major
  36. Plantago maritima
  37. Plantago media
  38. Platanthera bifolia
  39. Platanthera ciliaris
  40. Platanthera flava
  41. Platanthera psycodes
  42. Platanus occidentalis
  43. Platanus orientalis
  44. Platycladus orientalis
  45. Pluchea indica
  46. Plukenetia volubilis
  47. Plumbago europaea
  48. Plumbago zeylanica
  49. Plumeria alba
  50. Plumeria obtusa
  51. Plumeria rubra
  52. Poa alpina
  53. Poa annua
  54. Poa bulbosa
  55. Poa compressa
  56. Poa nemoralis
  57. Poa pratensis
  58. Poa trivialis
  59. Pogonia ophioglossoides
  60. Polemonium caeruleum
  61. Polianthes tuberosa
  62. Polygala chamaebuxus
  63. Polygala myrtifolia
  64. Polygala sanguinea
  65. Polygala senega
  66. Polygala vulgaris
  67. Polygonatum verticillatum
  68. Polygonum aviculare
  69. Polygonum chinense
  70. Polygonum erectum
  71. Polygonum pensylvanicum
  72. Polymnia canadensis
  73. Polypodium cambricum
  74. Polypodium virginianum
  75. Polypodium vulgare
  76. Pomegranate
  77. Pontederia cordata
  78. Populus alba
  79. Populus balsamifera
  80. Populus heterophylla
  81. Populus nigra
  82. Populus tremula
  83. Portulaca oleracea
  84. Portulaca pilosa
  85. Potamogeton compressus
  86. Potamogeton lucens
  87. Potamogeton natans
  88. Potato
  89. Potentilla bifurca
  90. Potentilla fragarioides
  91. Potentilla norvegica
  92. Potentilla recta
  93. Potentilla reptans
  94. Prasium majus
  95. Prenanthes purpurea
  96. Primula auricula
  97. Primula farinosa
  98. Primula veris
  99. Proso millet
  100. Prospero autumnale
  101. Protea acaulos
  102. Prunella vulgaris
  103. Prunus armeniaca
  104. Prunus avium
  105. Prunus cerasus
  106. Prunus domestica
  107. Prunus laurocerasus
  108. Prunus lusitanica
  109. Prunus mahaleb
  110. Prunus myrtifolia
  111. Prunus padus
  112. Prunus spinosa
  113. Prunus virginiana
  114. Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium
  115. Pseudorchis albida
  116. Psidium guajava
  117. Psoralea corylifolia
  118. Psoralea pinnata
  119. Ptelea trifoliata
  120. Pteris longifolia
  121. Pteris semipinnata
  122. Pteris vittata
  123. Pulicaria dysenterica
  124. Pulmonaria angustifolia
  125. Pulmonaria officinalis
  126. Pulsatilla alpina
  127. Pulsatilla patens
  128. Pulsatilla pratensis
  129. Pulsatilla vulgaris
  130. Punica granatum
  131. Purple mangosteen
  132. Pycnanthemum incanum
  133. Pycnanthemum virginianum
  134. Pyrola minor
  135. Pyrola rotundifolia
  136. Pyrus communis

Polygonum multiflorum dried roots

  • He shou wu (何首乌) (Polygonum multiflorum )
  • Claimed to be a cure for baldness and grey hair, as well as being promoted as a immune system booster (though he shou wu contains emodin, a possibly immunosuppresant substance).<wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-hsu-225"> There's not enough evidence to evaluate claims.<wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-hsu-225">


Petroselinum crispum

  • Parsley  (Petroselinum crispum)
  • Used for: edema, jaundice, asthma, coughs, menstrual problems, conjunctivitis and blepharitis.<wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-theherbbook-7"> It is sometimes used for home abortions, but its effectiveness for this has not been scientifically studied.
  • The claims: Parsley is touted as a general anti-toxin,<wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-171"> control blood pressure, cure diabetes,<wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-172"> urinary tract infections, prevents cancer, stimulates contractions of the uterus, cures rheumatism, treats kidney and bladder stones,<wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-173"> and can even remove tooth aches.
  • The truth: Surprisingly, it is dangerous for women, as it can cause the uterus to contract prematurely and should not be inserted into or rubbed near the uterus. It is mildly anti-microbialial — on those days when you can't run to your medicine cabinet and grab a tube of far more effective antibiotic.
  • Harmful effects: It is harmless when taken in the small amounts found in food, but the large amounts used in herbal medicine may cause anemia and liver or kidney problems, and make water retention, high blood pressure, and kidney disease worse.<wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-parsley-174"> Topically applied parsley oil can make skin become more sensitive to sunlight and cause a rash.<wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-parsley-174">


Papaver somniferum

  • Opium poppy  (Papaver somniferum)
  • In TCM: yīngsù (罌粟)<wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-read-12">
  • Latex exuded by immature seed pod used for analgesic purposes. Tinctures of seeds and straw used to a lesser extent. The latex at least is suggested by research to be effective, albeit prone to habituation and dependency. See also heroin.

Panax ginseng roots for sale

  • Asian ginseng  (Panax ginseng); in TCM: rénshēn (人參)<wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-read-12">
  • American ginseng (P. quinquefolius) is believed by herbalists to have the same constituents as P. ginseng but to be less efficacious than P. ginseng.<wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-theherbbook-7">
  • Claimed to: be a wonder plant and cure everything.<wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-stuart-5"><wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-theherbbook-7">
  • Beneficial effects: Ginseng is effective for erectile dysfunction and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease symptoms.<wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-ginseng-19"> A specific cream containing ginseng can help with premature ejaculation.<wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-ginseng-19"> When used with ginkgo leaf extract (see Ginkgo below), ginseng may "improve memory in otherwise healthy people between the ages of           and ," but not in young adults.<wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-ginseng-19">
  • Harmful effects:
  • Side effects may include insomnia, or, more rarely, menstrual problems, breast pain, increased heart rate, high or low blood pressure, headache, loss of appetite, diarrhea, itching, rash, dizziness, mood changes, vaginal bleeding, Stevens-Johnson syndrome (a severe rash), liver damage, severe allergic reactions<wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-ginseng-19">, mania and psychosis<wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-maniapsychosis-20">.
  • Panax ginseng contains a substance that has been found to cause birth defects in animals.<wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-ginseng-19">


Piper methysticum

  • Kava  (Piper methysticum)
  • Effective for anxiety.<wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-kava-139">
  • Side effects may include liver damage leading to death, even with short-term use (- months) of normal doses,<wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-kava-139"> and sedation, oral and lingual dyskinesia, torticollis, oculogyric crisis, exacerbation of Parkinson's disease, painful twisting movements of the trunk, and rash.<wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-aafp-90"> Several European countries banned or restricted the use of kava based on its hepatotoxic effects; the US FDA only issued a warning.<wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-dietz-140"> A cancer study of kava extract in mice and rats found that it caused liver cancer in male and female mice and "increased incidences of lesions in the liver, forestomach, kidney, eye, and pancreas of male and female rats, in the liver of male and female mice, and in the forestomach of female mice."<wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-141">


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