1. Nabalus albus
  2. Najas marina
  3. Napaea dioica
  4. Narcissus bulbocodium
  5. Narcissus jonquilla
  6. Narcissus poeticus
  7. Narcissus pseudonarcissus
  8. Narcissus tazetta
  9. Narthecium ossifragum
  10. Nauclea orientalis
  11. Nemophila aphylla
  12. Neotinea ustulata
  13. Neottia cordata
  14. Neottia nidus-avis
  15. Neottia ovata
  16. Nepenthes distillatoria
  17. Nerine sarniensis
  18. Nerium oleander
  19. Nicandra physalodes
  20. Nicotiana glutinosa
  21. Nicotiana rustica
  22. Nicotiana tabacum
  23. Nigella damascena
  24. Nigella sativa
  25. Niphidium crassifolium
  26. Nothoscordum bivalve
  27. Nuttallanthus canadensis
  28. Nyctanthes arbor-tristis
  29. Nymphaea alba
  30. Nymphaea lotus
  31. Nyssa aquatica


Nerium oleander

  • Oleander  (Nerium oleander)
  • Insufficient research to evaluate efficacy.<wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-oleander-167"> Used for muscle cramps, asthma, cancer, and <wiki/AIDS" title="AIDS">AIDS.<wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-168"><wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-oleanderc-169">
  • Oleander leaf is poisonous, and can cause fatal heart failure. Symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, colic, appetite loss, dizziness, drowsiness, high potassium levels, dilated pupils, bloody diarrhea, seizures, loss of consciousness, slow or irregular pulse, and heart block.<wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-oleanderc-169"> Oleander seeds are also toxic, as is the rest of the plant, sap, twigs, roots, etc.<wiki/List_of_medicinal_plants#cite_note-oleander-167">



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